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I actually liked this book.

re: ships

-I didn't really like Harry/Ginny before but I guess I've come to accept it.
-Ron/Hermoine in the middle was seemed just a little bit too confused.
-Why do I get a horrible Snape/Dumbledore vibe from this book.
-Snape/Lily ftw! This book is calling for Snape/Lily salad days! fic. I was so, so sad when Harry went into Snape's memories. And so touched that his Patronus was the same was Lily's. This gives a completely different scope to Snape throughout the whole series; it is so easy to see why he must hate Harry, who reminds him so much of James. Actually I kind of hate James now.
-Grey Lady/Baron was completely unexpected.
-Fleur/Bill was lovely. Although I have a really hard time imagining Fleur as a housewife. She seems a little too glamorous for that. I can only see her sitting on the sofa flicking her hair. And also, I can't imagine her family was so nice.

re: deaths

-Mad Eye's death at the beginning was just --! I was waiting for him to come back the whole book.
-Remus and Tonks came as a complete surprise. There are too many orphans in this world D:
-I understand that Fred's death was kind of necessary, because surely someone close to Harry had to die. But still.
-Dobby's death was also a shock.
-so basically I was surprised that she killed off so many of her characters.

re: characters

-Aberforth was teh awesome.
-Kreacher was too good to be real.
-Percy's sudden conversion made me happy, but it did seem a little too sudden and convenient.
-Neville has undergone a spectacular transformation, is all I can say. Slaying Nagini in one blow is rather a little too heroic for me to swallow. But his grandmother was seriously awesome.
-I thought Draco was better than that. D:
-Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy are A+ in caring for their son. This basically makes up for everything they've done since Philosopher's Stone.

re: writing

-There were some bits that dragged a little bit too much, mostly the bits when they were on the run and nothing was happening.
-The bit where they destroyed the diadum, I thought was a little too convenient.
-But the bit where Harry was walking to his death; I was really touched. I almost cried, which is quite remarkable for me since I don't think I've ever cried at a book before.
-Whatever happened to Snape's portrait? I totally need to see the scene where Harry and Snape have a very uncomfortable conversation, and Harry says an awkward Thank You.
-the epilogue: J.K Rowling doing a Tamora Pierce and naming her characters after dead people. I wonder if any of Harry and Ginny's kids are named after Fred? Personally I would hate to be called Albus, even I was named after the greatest wizard of all time but I guess there's no helping it. And basically Harry stole all the names for his kids, and Ron and Hermione had no one to name their kids after.
-I need fic about George without Fred, and how he goes on (or doesn't, if that's the way it is).
-Was full of Biblical parallels: Harry dying for the sake of everyone else, everyone now being protected from Voldemort ie. sin; his resurrection and triumph over evil. To satisfy the Christian audience, I wonder? But I didn't feel particularly happy about this, because Harry isn't exactly perfect himself. The scene where he Crucio'd the Carrow just made me feel sick.

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