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I am really sad about this, even though deep inside I probably knew you were those kind of people. Careless cruelty. . . I wish I had the strength & courage to protect others but . . . instead this makes me feel like I am re-living high school all over again.
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1. notes for mgmt midsem partly at least
2. crim assignment research - WHY IS THIS SO HARD. GOGOGO
3. poster for skills even though it looks like crap, too bad

4. crim readings
5. contracts readings --> Mon, this is obviously not happening LOL


a good day

Aug. 15th, 2009 03:07 pm
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spring skies
fresh bread
an empty house
cooling aloe vera masks. . .

it's a good day.
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1. Finish notes from contracts
2. MGMT readings for next week

3. Crim readings & notes
4. Contracts readings & notes


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So tired...
& that unnecessary email really just pushed me over the edge.
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Sem 2 is officially over \o/
But next up is exams orz
Will write up weekly summary & reflections on sem 2 later.

Reminder to self:
  1. Post 'letter to first year' on webct
  2. Do senpai session reflection for 先生

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  1. (Mon) mgmt notes - ch17
  2. (Tues) mgmt notes - ch17, japn assessment
  3. (Weds) crim problem 2006 q1 haha poorly, watch the dvd ㅡㅡ
  4. (Thurs) contracts, japn assessment prep

I spent like an hour watching master chef while playing bejewled 2. Seriously, what am I doing.
Maybe I should delete fb too. I will definitely do it after Sat.

Also, note to self: You made a resolution, follow through with it already. It is getting ridiculous.

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  1. letter to 1st-year assessment
  2. prep for interaction test
  3. mgmt notes - 1 ch
  4. week 11 public notes
  5. crim reading
  6. public reading
  7. practise problem question (public)
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  1. Public readings (NOW)
  2. Read sample letter thingy from webct (Mon)
  3. Mgmt reading & discussion qs (Mon)
  4. Japn assessment plan (Tues/Weds)
  5. Crim reading (Weds)
  6. Contracts readings (catch-up) + weekly readings (Thurs)
  7. Print and post Japn assessment (Thurs)


May. 5th, 2009 10:10 pm
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Today was an awesome day because:

- I HAVE TONIGHT OFF (but will prob. have to start a new assignment/get back to readings/write up some notes tomorrow sob)
- It was a great day at work. I am in a great mood now so I can say that I love my job. (It is going to be a problem when I have to start looking for 'real' jobs - actually that should be around now). I managed to teach some stuff & the kids seemed to get it. When you hear someone say 'thank you' to you, you feel so good about it. I think it would be great being a teacher. & I love Tuesdays because it's my 'training day' where I get to just be the back-up tutor. The other tutor is a lot older, is super-organised and has a great memory so I can just take my time explaining things to individual kids. And the kids here are great. Especially M. Usually I get along better with the younger kids (i.e. 4-8 years old) and he is in year 7 but he is eurasian and so adorable and eager-to-please and younger-brother-ish, you just want to squish him (or as I recently learnt the Korean expression is, 깨물어주고싶어). Kids like him make my day -b
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It was so hard looking on ebay for polaroids but this!!! I suspect the quality of the pictures is a lot higher too. I would give up on my bag for this.
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like a man

Nov. 1st, 2008 01:05 am
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Why are they so amazing. 
These boys can sing.
Let's just pretend that 'Step by Step' never happened and it's all good.

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I want so much to do well in law, but at this rate it's not going to happen.

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Oh, Jay Chou. What happened in your last album? 

He sounded drunk/tired/sick in all the songs. None of the tracks stood out to me. Which is a pity since I liked some of his old songs. I even enjoyed The Secret.

JJ Lin on the other hand, was very encouraging. It's been a while since I listened to an album all the way through without skipping.
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From my management textbook:

Coercive power – power that rests on the application or threat of application, of physical sanctions such as pain, the arousal of frustration through restriction of movement, or the controlling by force of basic physiological or safety needs.

Why does it sound so wrong lol.

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TVXQ Volume 4 -- awesome. The two ballads - 노을..바라보다 and 넌 나의 노래 - are just amazing, even better than 믿어요, which is saying something. I have not heard such beautiful harmonisations outside a church or a European boy's choir. The more upbeat songs aren't bad, either, although faily English prevails, lol. 'Wrong number' was particularly amusing; as much as I love him, Jaejoong's rapping is hilarious.

And while I'm on the topic, let me express my love for SHINee! I wasn't expecting much when they debuted, considering the sudden oversupply of underage boybands lately, but these boys are amazing. They're may not be as good-looking as some, but Onew, Jonghyun and Key are brilliant singers; their lives are seriously great; see the special stage with FT Island. I'm sure there are even better ones, but I haven't watched their performances for a while. 

Onew is particularly adorable; I read the translations for SHINee World and Minho does his hardcore introduction of the members... and introduces Onew as 'the only tofu' LOL I don't know too much about Jonghyun and Key, but Taemin's dancing is really something.  I really wish they would cut his hair though, or at least pin it up; that was adorable. And then there's Minho, a.k.a. baby Siwon. He's a 91'er but the most good-looking of them; he has these huge eyes and cat-like face and charisma and this talent for activiating fangirl mode ♥ and he can rap!

SHINee also had a special stage with SJ-H.

Epik High Lovescream out on the 30th; I can't wait.

I know a lot of people (especially guys) love them, but Wonder Girl's comeback was disappointing. The intro was just... disturbing. I am trying to watch their stuff, but their lives are just lacking vocally and I don't think 'charisma' or having the 'feel' of the dance is enough. Despite the fact that they seemed bored, I thought SNSD's version of 'Tell Me' was better than anything WG have ever performed live, and it was a lot more watchable. WG's 'Kissing You', on the other hand, was just strange. But they say you can't be a WG fan and a SNSD fan; you're one or the other, and it's probably clouding my judgement, lol.

Also, I was looking on YesAsia just now and I just realised how cheap Korean albums actually are - only like $15~, whereas American ones are like $30? Japanese albums are also quite expensive, apparently. But that gives me more imputus to buy some; Tablo has guilt-ed me into wanting Pieces, Part 1, Jieun's album was quite good, and maybe Younha or SHINee. Perhaps when I save a bit more XD
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First time trying to translate something apart from school work, lol. Corrections are welcome.

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