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I think it's clear that Heechul is a girl. And that he and Yoochun are totally in love LOL.

And happy 20th birthday to 규현 ♡

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たとえば: ちゃんと考えたら、スーパジュニアが2月にコンサートが本当にできる? スージュ-C は来年始まることがもう発表したし、外国でコンサートをする前に、 韓国でコンサートをしなければればならない?


じつは、みんなは多分賛成しなくても、私はスージュ-C の考えも本当に嫌い。ヘンリのこと以外に、わがままみたいが、スージュ-Cは何のために作ったの?「アジア中で、人気になるように」か「中国のファンのために」と思わない。そうしたら、スージュ-Pとスージュ-Mの作るのはどう? -_-

こんなことは、お金をとるのに、K-Wave を使うことじゃない? スージュ-KRYはスーパジュニがうたえるっていうことを見せるために作ったし、スージュ-Tは。。。ほかの一世代が楽しませるために作った。 ^-^ けど、スージュ-C はちがうよ。


^I really seem to be saying that a lot this year. -_-

The argument is not that strong due to the fact that I forgot how to say a lot of things;; But I said most of the things I wanted to.
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I was going through my old SuJu translation collections and I came across Donghae's message from the 2nd album. Translated by sides. @ soompi:

I don't cry much, but I teared up when I read this ㅠㅠ ㅠㅠ ㅠㅠ  It's such a nice message.
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Found all my stuff for the formal, but somehow I feel somewhat concerned.

I think I should really quit soompi. ㅡㅡㆀ

Being a gullible person, I feel really paranoid reading all those rumours and TALES OF DOOM from various soompiers. And the conflict over Henry is really painful. Since I only really got into SuJu after their Don't Don comeback and stayed away from most forums, I was mostly neutral about the whole thing. I thought his bit in the PV was awesome, and that he was pretty cute, and I heard about ELF shouting "13 members" during one of Henry's perfs with SuJu and felt bad for him.

But after watching countless hilarious videos, drooling over the pretty and secretly loving the ghei I've gotten really fond of all the boys and I got an unpleasant shock when I watched the Arirang "Making of Don't Don PV" and heard SM planned on adding Henry as a 14th member with SuJu China. It only got worse when Leader-sshi and even Heenim said some (scripted?) stuff about supposedly supporting the 14th member. And then there was the LSM interview which showed Henry's picture posted on the SuJu board along with the rest of the members'.

Like most people, I'm not actually opposed to Henry. He has a good stage presence and he's quite good looking. But apart from his violin and dancing skills, which at the moment have been pretty much limited to 2 Don't Don performances, what does he have to offer SuJu China? We've never heard him sing, so I can't say anything about that, but accounts from those who know him say that his Chinese ain't that great. And it seems he can't speak Korean properly, either.

In addition, the age difference between the members is getting a little ridiculous. From memory, Eeteuk and Heechul are 26 this year, I think, and Kyuhyun is only 19. Plus with such a large group, it's inevitable that not all the members are going to be BFF, as has already been made obvious. (See Kibum's infamous message to Eunhyuk: "I have nothing to say to hyung" and Heechul's admissions that he's not that close to Eunhyuk or Sungmin) The entry of any other member is only going to throw off the group dynamics further. I'm sure after more training Henry could do great, in another group, or solo. But isn't this a bit early for him to be added into SuJu?

[Come to think of it, what's with the outpouring of all these super young artists now? Kyuhyun is only 19. Girl's Generation has an average age of what, 17? Wonder Girls' average is probably around 16. F.T. Island's Minhwan just turned 15. Although they do produce music that's well-suited to their age group =b Or maybe I'm just jealous lol]

Anyway, back on topic... I don't quite understand why SM is so fixed on the idea of rotation groups. Didn't LSM first decide to make SuJu a permanent group due to the amount of death threats he was getting? It's not just SuJu, either; I seem to recall something about early plans to replace TVXQ's Jaejoong with someone else.  And now with ELF even holding protests, you'd think he'd get the idea ;;

In the past, I'd disapproved of ELF and their seemingly extreme behaviour, and I still don't like the whole deal about the Star King episode, or the hatemail just because someone's taken a photo with a SuJu member. But in the end, the root of all their actions is their love of SuJu, and this includes the protests. And it seems they've improved recently. I've heard they checked and got legal clearance for their protests, and were well-behaved at MKMF too. Right now, I am really proud of what they're doing. =b At the risk of being called a crazy fan, I would be happy to join them if I could. But I can't, so for now I can only say,

ELF, fighting!

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