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1. Torts class for tomorrow was cancelled because the tutor is sick. Still have MGMT but it's such a waste of time; I would not bother going to uni -- but then I remembered that 1) I still have to do the groupwork and 2) I have law peer tutoring at 10. SOB

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It feels like summer is coming. The jasmine hanging on the gate has started flowering, so every morning when I lift the latch of the gate the  scent follows me out onto the footpath. It feels like summer; electric fans, ice blocks after school, satay in the evening.

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I finished part A yesterday but am still harbouring serious doubts as to whether I did it correctly. Also, tried to start on the essay. I said I would clean the bathroom tomorrow so I have to do that; I also need to study for the 漢字 test on Monday. It looks like despite my best efforts, uni is finally catching up to me.
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I was talking with a friend today about how you really can't judge a book by it's cover. The thing is, it's so easy to say and to understand but so hard to actually put into practice. I thought I understood this by the end of year 11, but when I meet people, I still never stop and think of the possibility that they could be anything more than what they seem like at first glance. But they are. That girl who seemed really nice at first, is actually a snob. That guy who seemed so smart and confident is actually a leech. That guy who seemed friendly is actually a tool. That guy who seemed nerdy is actually a playboy stalker. And then there are those who  seems really interesting and social online, but in real life they have the personality of a rock.

On the other hand, those people I overlooked at first are unexpectedly kind or entertaining or thoughtful. There are a lot of examples from Ruse I can think of; L, K, K, Y. There are less uni examples, although maybe V, I, R.


Also, law assignment. I thought I understood torts. I was wrong.
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One of the few English-language artists I consistently listen to; I can't wait for her 4th album.

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I wish I treated you better.
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I read the reviews for this when it first came out, in Sep 2007 I think, and I thought, 'I must see this'. If only because it was about Chinese immigrants in Australia. But I only got to see it on Friday.

And it was amazing.
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Tomorrow I am taking my first class. I am scared. It is not particularly convenient, comfortable, useful or well-paying and I was wondering if it was worth bothering to even do it. But it would be hard to find another person in 3 days, right? And I was thinking of that quote, when they say, the time will come when you need to choose between what is easy and what is right, and so I thought, I might as well try it. So I will がんばります.

I want to work at the cafe again. Actually I don't like it when I am there, except for the bit where I get to sit down and eat my food with a magazine and a nice drink, and when the customers smile and say thank you for the food, and the bit where I get money, but the manager is nice to me and it is good experience.
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Today I got paid $10 for standing around doing nothing. It was excellent.

If only I could be a model; I could do that for a living.
But I still feel very ripped off.
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I think the problem with liking idol groups in general is that most of the time they do too much and don't spend enough time on their vocals; you spend each performance  worrying about whether they'll actually be able to sing on tune rather than anticipating an awesome performance. So when they actually do put on a half decent performance, you end up more grateful that they actually managed to pull it off and a performance that would by musical standards be considered dodgy actually turns out to be an excellent performance in a fangirl's eyes. So I guess when you see actual full-time artists perform you get even more blown away ^-^

But these are really awesome:

1. K. Will & Younha Special Stage Duet - I remember when Younha was so nervous performing on stage; she's totally turned it around. (ºㅁ º )=b

2. KRYGEN (크라이젠) - 사랑이 길을 잃어서 - Sounded so much like the studio version I suspected it was a lip-sync. Even though they were holding stick mics lol ^-^;;
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^I-is that a panda with a ssukso?
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I think it's clear that Heechul is a girl. And that he and Yoochun are totally in love LOL.

And happy 20th birthday to 규현 ♡

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1. Fandom Idiots vs. Fandom Elitists; Part I & Part II
2. How to become the ultimate fan of the Asian Entertainment scene.

LOL. These are brilliant =b
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A bit early but--



And also:


without a doubt, the most adorable 22-year old in Asia ^-^
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たとえば: ちゃんと考えたら、スーパジュニアが2月にコンサートが本当にできる? スージュ-C は来年始まることがもう発表したし、外国でコンサートをする前に、 韓国でコンサートをしなければればならない?


じつは、みんなは多分賛成しなくても、私はスージュ-C の考えも本当に嫌い。ヘンリのこと以外に、わがままみたいが、スージュ-Cは何のために作ったの?「アジア中で、人気になるように」か「中国のファンのために」と思わない。そうしたら、スージュ-Pとスージュ-Mの作るのはどう? -_-

こんなことは、お金をとるのに、K-Wave を使うことじゃない? スージュ-KRYはスーパジュニがうたえるっていうことを見せるために作ったし、スージュ-Tは。。。ほかの一世代が楽しませるために作った。 ^-^ けど、スージュ-C はちがうよ。


^I really seem to be saying that a lot this year. -_-

The argument is not that strong due to the fact that I forgot how to say a lot of things;; But I said most of the things I wanted to.


Dec. 24th, 2007 10:02 pm
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I was going through my old SuJu translation collections and I came across Donghae's message from the 2nd album. Translated by sides. @ soompi:

I don't cry much, but I teared up when I read this ㅠㅠ ㅠㅠ ㅠㅠ  It's such a nice message.
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It's kind of like a tradition now that I keep a physical diary every time I go to Malaysia which is a good thing, since otherwise I would have forgotten 90% of what I did there ^-^

Some random pics --
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행복합니다~ ^-^

I promise I'll write more substantial posts in the future. LIKE THE SUJU PIMP POST I SAID I WOULD WRITE LONG AGO

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