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TVXQ Volume 4 -- awesome. The two ballads - 노을..바라보다 and 넌 나의 노래 - are just amazing, even better than 믿어요, which is saying something. I have not heard such beautiful harmonisations outside a church or a European boy's choir. The more upbeat songs aren't bad, either, although faily English prevails, lol. 'Wrong number' was particularly amusing; as much as I love him, Jaejoong's rapping is hilarious.

And while I'm on the topic, let me express my love for SHINee! I wasn't expecting much when they debuted, considering the sudden oversupply of underage boybands lately, but these boys are amazing. They're may not be as good-looking as some, but Onew, Jonghyun and Key are brilliant singers; their lives are seriously great; see the special stage with FT Island. I'm sure there are even better ones, but I haven't watched their performances for a while. 

Onew is particularly adorable; I read the translations for SHINee World and Minho does his hardcore introduction of the members... and introduces Onew as 'the only tofu' LOL I don't know too much about Jonghyun and Key, but Taemin's dancing is really something.  I really wish they would cut his hair though, or at least pin it up; that was adorable. And then there's Minho, a.k.a. baby Siwon. He's a 91'er but the most good-looking of them; he has these huge eyes and cat-like face and charisma and this talent for activiating fangirl mode ♥ and he can rap!

SHINee also had a special stage with SJ-H.

Epik High Lovescream out on the 30th; I can't wait.

I know a lot of people (especially guys) love them, but Wonder Girl's comeback was disappointing. The intro was just... disturbing. I am trying to watch their stuff, but their lives are just lacking vocally and I don't think 'charisma' or having the 'feel' of the dance is enough. Despite the fact that they seemed bored, I thought SNSD's version of 'Tell Me' was better than anything WG have ever performed live, and it was a lot more watchable. WG's 'Kissing You', on the other hand, was just strange. But they say you can't be a WG fan and a SNSD fan; you're one or the other, and it's probably clouding my judgement, lol.

Also, I was looking on YesAsia just now and I just realised how cheap Korean albums actually are - only like $15~, whereas American ones are like $30? Japanese albums are also quite expensive, apparently. But that gives me more imputus to buy some; Tablo has guilt-ed me into wanting Pieces, Part 1, Jieun's album was quite good, and maybe Younha or SHINee. Perhaps when I save a bit more XD
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