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First time trying to translate something apart from school work, lol. Corrections are welcome.

The 50 question and answer session received from the director
This time, after I received the offer for the drama, I read the original work. Usually I don’t read shoujo manga, but this work was interesting. The tempo of the story progressed well, and I thought it would be definitely interesting if it was turned into a live action.

After I received the script, ‘Ah, so this situation turned out like this’. Comparing it to the original work while reading the script, I developed the Okamoto Riku I would portray. But I was told by the director, ‘Just portraying an ordinary high school student would be okay’, so without thinking about it too much, I played the role as I felt.

Before shooting, I received a 50 questions and answer session from the director. What sort of questions did I ask… Right now, from what I can remember, I don’t really want to say (laugh). Usually, it would probably be something like wanting to know what a normal high school student would be like. After the question and answer session was over, when the director said, ‘So, it’ll be all right!’, I was like ‘Ee, ah, is that right…’ (laugh)

I’m not really that popular, and I’m not the type of person who can make a pass at a girl I’m interested in*, so in that way I’m not like Riku at all. I’m a bit envious, but in that situation, feeling jealous, having quarrels etc. is a bit complicated, so… If I can just be popular with the girl I like, that’s enough (laugh).

Most of the time, I live a normal school life. Right now it’s the summer holidays, so I do things like see fireworks with friends and go to amusement parks. I want to enjoy these last high school summer holidays with all my heart. If you can see it like that, I’m quite active (laugh). I’m pale, so comparatively I’m more likely to be seen indoors. But, I got considerably sunburned. I earnestly don’t want to get burnt. Whichever way, I really didn’t want to be exposed to sunlight. I’m really bad at withstanding heat (laugh). That’s why on open** locations, if the shoot is long, it’s really hard. Also, in forests or whatever, there are a lot of bugs, so I don’t like it either (laugh).

I’m not good at watching my own performance
The shooting itself is fun~! [He says something about his previous drama, Himitsu no Hanazono; I’m not very sure about this line] I think that comedies are probably the most fun. They give you the most freedom. But, no matter what work it is, I don’t really want to see my image on TV. So when it airs, I look at it from the side and I don’t get the impression of my own image. (ironic laugh)

When there’s free time, I space out a lot. In comparison, when there is a longer break, I go to an empty room and lie down, idle, etc. (laugh). Oh, when I’m at home? At that time, there are a lot of things to play with, so I’m not really fixed on anything. (laugh) I play around with the computer, play instruments, etc. The instruments are things like guitar, bass, electric drums. I play around in a band with my friends and jam***, but we don’t have plans to play live. All the members don’t really want to go that to that extent (laugh).

Production is mostly finished, but what will happen in the end? The feeling that the relationship between Youko and Riku won’t develop into love…But, no matter what kind of developments occur, it will definitely be interesting, so please watch until the end!

* a girl you can’t stop thinking about, etc.
** sunny
*** word used is 組む, ’to put together’

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